The Great Northern Mayor

Why are we settling for second best?

With the official advertisements rolling out for the upcoming mayoral elections, it’s clear that we have been sent in the wrong direction by the Northern Powerhouse scheme and not pushing Westminster for more devolution. London have their own assembly, so what about the other 8 regions of England? 

We have most definitely given in to the South and her politics again. The northern powerhouse was in my opinion, Westminster insulting our intelligence. They thought by installing a democratic, local, figurehead that our cries for more devolution would disappear. Fortunately for those of us living south of the Tyne, we haven’t yet sold ourselves to that cause unlike our north of the Tyne neighbours.

I truly believe in the North East Party’s ideas and plans for further devolved powers to the North East. A regional assembly is needed in order to discuss the real issues affecting our towns and cities across the region from Berwick to Darlington. This is not a separatist movement or a call for independence, it’s a plea for change that Westminster and southern based politics can’t offer. Regional politics is treated like an egg-shell topic with a growing sentiment that regionalism threatens to break our union, when in fact it’s barely scraping the barrel.

A regional mayor is blindfolded devolution, a way of keeping our need for more devolved powers at bay. It’s a ploy that even our representatives locally accept, as it keeps them well and truly comfortable as the plans for devolution that we have as a party, would truly knock the boat over.

The North East Party does exactly what it says on the tin. If any party has had to fight hard for anything, it has been us. Our representatives have fought tirelessly for changes in their respective areas. We aren’t asking for much, we’re just wanting our share in our United Kingdom, our residents share in the regions future that only we can deliver and by the looks of things, we’re doing a brilliant job so far!

It’s time we stopped taking second best, we are worth better than we think and our region needs real change. Not plastic promises by our local MP’s who support this shambles of an offer. 

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