Steaming ahead in Easington

Chair of the Easington Branch of the North East Party, discusses the challenges and opportunities coming up in May 2017 and beyond. 


As Chair of the Easington Constituency Branch, I’d like to share some of my thoughts with you as we enter another local election year.

In one of Labours stronghold constituencies, it’s still hard to believe that the North East Party have 14 town/parish councillors (maybe 15 after Jamie Robinson wins the by election for Horden North on the 12th January!) and better still; we are the majority party at Peterlee with 12 of the 22 seats (as well as having an NEP chair/Mayor!).  

In our early days of just getting established, people would always say “this is a Labour area, always has been, always will be” or “Me Dad voted Labour and me Grandad voted Labour and that’s why I vote Labour”. Worse still, the people who didn’t vote because “There’s no point in voting because Labour always win”.

Well guess what, they don’t always win and it’s taken less than 4 years to get to the position we’re in today – not bad eh?

We had a branch meeting on Thursday last week, during which, we compiled a list of nominated candidates who want to stand for NEP on May 4th – and we’re contesting no less than 45 Town and County seats – maybe more as time moves on and we get nearer election day. 45 Seats!!!!

There’s no doubt that the people of this constituency are making their feelings known as to what they think. It may have been a Labour area for tens of decades but the people are saying “More of the same just isn’t good enough”!

I don’t think the Labour stalwarts will be as quick to wag their fingers at me and say “Yous’ll get nowt in these elections!” as they did, way back in 2013 –just watch this space!

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