North East Party Contests Billingham North By-Election

The North East Party selects its candidate for the Billingham North By-Election to be held on Thursday 20th July 2017.


Building on the party's success in the Durham County Council elections and a strong showing in the General Election, the North East Party is now setting its sights on upcoming council elections in Sunderland and Stockton-on-Tees. An early opportunity to offer a new choice to the voters has arisen with the resignation of a sitting Labour councillor for Billingham North on Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council on 20th July 2017.
Contesting the seat for the NEP is Mark Burdon, a 30-year-old first time candidate and NHS employee born and bred in the area. Mark is starting a Master's/Ph.D programme at Durham University this autumn and saw the opportunity to get involved.
He said, "I've always been interested in politics but never really been an activist until I joined the North East Party. Our area is traditionally Labour but has seen people drift between alternatives - Lib Dems, UKIP, Independents - that haven't had staying power. We offer a moderate, responsible alternative that's led by local people, not the Westminster elite."
A vote for Mark and the NEP on Thursday 20th July will strengthen local democracy and give Billingham North a strong voice for change - not a third Labour councillor to vote how they are told. It'll also send a message to all parties: the North East wants better and will stand up for itself.
To find out more about Mark's views on local issues, Like his Facebook page:

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