2019 General Election

We are pleased to announce our candidates for the general election on the 12th of December.

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New Party Leader Announced

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the founding of the party, and the election of our fourth Chair and Leader.

After two years, Mary Cartwright has stepped down from the role and handed over to Mark Burdon, a Billingham Town Councillor.

New leader Mark Burdon shakes hands with outgoing leader Mary Cartwright

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The Great Northern Mayor

Why are we settling for second best?

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North East Party Contests Billingham North By-Election

The North East Party selects its candidate for the Billingham North By-Election to be held on Thursday 20th July 2017.


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Council elections prove that the North East Party is the party for the people

Labour don't like change and they certainly didn't like the results of the recent council elections which took place in Durham this week. Our party was mocked by Labour, stating that we practically had no chance of gaining seats in County council elections or parish elections in County Durham, which was once a Labour heartland. Our amazing election victories this week show that this is the beginning of the end for Labour's rule not just of Durham, but the whole of our region. 

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A major milestone for the North East Party

John's vision for Tees Valley Transport

The Chair of the North East Party and Tees Valley Mayoral Candidate, John Tait, discusses the current issues facing the transport system in and around the Tees Valley and how he intends to tackle them, if elected on 4th May 2017.


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Steaming ahead in Easington

Chair of the Easington Branch of the North East Party, discusses the challenges and opportunities coming up in May 2017 and beyond. 


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From The Outside Looking In

A young person's perspective on joining the North East Party. Our Youngest member, Kieron Charlton, explains why he is enjoying his new political home.


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