Using Your Information

This survey is for current members of The North East Party as of February 2018.
Due to new data protection legislation expected to take effect in May 2018, it is required that we gain your agreement to use the personal information you share with us for specified purposes.
Some purposes are optional and you can choose whether to allow us to use your information for these purposes (for example, sharing details of meetings over email). Other uses of your personal information are essential to the running of the Party (for example, to keep track of who is a member in good standing and when fees are due).
In order to keep an active membership in the Party, all members must fill out this survey.

Stores of Personal Information

We do not pass member’s personal data to third parties without the member’s explicit and specific consent.

With your consent, we store your personal information on Nation Builder for information management. This information is stored in the USA under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework. We also maintain some information on spreadsheets.

Methods of Communication

Our default method of communication is via email. If you share your phone number(s) with us, you agree to us using them in accordance with the purposes you select below.

Communication by post is optional and part of the survey.


We process the personal data of members for the following reasons:

1) To communicate relevant information concerning the activities of the Party to them;

2) To determine their eligibility to vote on matters related to the Party, to stand as a Party Officer, to stand as a Party candidate in elections for public office, to nominate others to do so, and other related matters identified in the Party Constitution;

3) To collect dues and fees from members, and other matters related to maintaining their position as members in good standing as identified in the Party Constitution, including the conduct of disciplinary procedures;

4) To inform planning of campaigns and party strategy, such as decisions about where to direct our resources (e.g. demographics or locations).


You have the right to change these preferences at any time. To do so, please contact a member of the Executive.

Do you agree to us using your information to contact you about the party's activities (Purpose 1)?

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