From The Outside Looking In

A young person's perspective on joining the North East Party. Our Youngest member, Kieron Charlton, explains why he is enjoying his new political home.


I was skeptical on joining a regional party upon leaving a national, Westminster party. I don't want to criticise my old party too much as I do believe it gave me plenty opportunities however, I do believe that it was an all-talk party - telling all of it's young members, what we want to hear. We were just there for one simple reason - to hand out political literature, facts and figures generated from national statistics, rather than what affected me and other young people in the North East. 

I remember my first meeting with the North East party. For once, there was actually discussion on local issues - not planning on where to canvass next in a location that was in the middle of nowhere, genuine discussion which made me immediately think, this was the party for me. My comments were welcomed, I wasn't just the elephant in the room I was treated as if I had been a member since the party had began. From my first meeting onwards, I feel that there is real change happening in this party. We are not there to see what we gain, we're there to see what we can achieve. I encourage all young people to come along on this new path to social equality and fairness for the region, which we lack in so much at this current moment in time. 

The Tories took away our future, Labour promises our future - the North East party can give us a future, in all areas of life. 

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