Council elections prove that the North East Party is the party for the people

Labour don't like change and they certainly didn't like the results of the recent council elections which took place in Durham this week. Our party was mocked by Labour, stating that we practically had no chance of gaining seats in County council elections or parish elections in County Durham, which was once a Labour heartland. Our amazing election victories this week show that this is the beginning of the end for Labour's rule not just of Durham, but the whole of our region. 

I would like to say that on behalf of all members of the North East Party, a big well done to our new 23 parish/town Councillors and our 3 county Councillors, who have worked so hard over the past few weeks on their respected campaigns. They have shown Labour that we are a force to be reckoned with. These elections have shown that people are sick of the status quo, Councillors doing nothing for their areas and being ignored by the Labour elite. These elections have shown that our Councillors care passionately about their local areas, their towns and villages. Not only that, have shown that they care passionately about the region.

Now it's time to keep the fight going, we've given Labour a real kick in the teeth, we need to keep hitting them whilst they're down. People are hearing our message, our calling, they themselves want a better deal for the North East which is what we're fighting for. Our party is growing, getting stronger - branches starting across the region. 

What is this madness that is happening? Change, that's what is happening and that's what the North East Party is offering. 

Here are some words from our chairman, John Tait: 

"Yesterday's result is a tremendous step forward for the the North East Party. These are the first seats we have won at this level, and our victory shows that we have come a huge distance in little more than three years. It took the SNP decades to achieve what we have done in little more than three years. Our success also shows change is possible even the heart of the Labour fiefdoms".


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