What is the North East Party?

The North East Party is a progressive and democratic political party which is committed to improving the lives and increasing the opportunities of the people of North East England.

We campaign for fair taxation, the fair distribution of national resources and the provision of world class public services which are fully accountable to North East people through empowering regional devolution, accountable local governance and effective representation in the UK and European Parliaments. 

Formed in June 2014, we stand up fearlessly and independently for the best interests of North East England and challenge all other parties at elections at all levels.

The North East Party is accountable to its growing membership through the annual election of officers and daily communication through social media. All members are entitled to attend our monthly all members policy meetings, our annual policy forum and to stand for election to our organising Executive Committee. We are beginning to develop a branch structure which will facilitate campaigning at a constituency or council level.


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